Chapter 1: Pink Telephones

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Chapter 1: Pink Telephones Empty Chapter 1: Pink Telephones

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A Strange Invitation
• Black-out. Torrential rain. A tenement flat in Lower City. The Clown deliver’s Magnolia’a pink phone; and eats the neighbor’s cat!
• Morning: Magnolia receives her phone.
• Valken awoken by servants in bikinis, breakfasts, and receives his phone.
• Rasputin has received a phone, and intents to disassemble it.
• Ilyana breakfasts with her chosen cavelier for the day, bored. She receives her phone.
• All phones ring simultaneously. Invitations to the evening at Club Central for all.
• Daily deeds: Ilyana wraps up the breakfast professionally; Valken participates in an online game with Dalia; Magnolia works on a painting to an inspiration that just won’t come; Rasputin, bewildered reassembles the phone and heads for Club Central.

Club Central
• Our heroes arrive one by one.
• Frank introduces the evening’s entertainment: The Doors (themselves).
• Ilyana leaves early, but notices street kids at the back door to the Club.
• On the way to the toilet, Valken encounters Frank calling a doctor. Ignores the issue.
• Valken asks to deliver Magnolia home, but she refuses.
• Rasputin watches all from the shadows, and leaves last.


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