Chapter 2: Knotted Fates

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Chapter 2: Knotted Fates Empty Chapter 2: Knotted Fates

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Too Early, Too Strong
• Valken is out dining with a date. An embarressing date...
• On his way back, Valken leaves his limo, and resolves to walk his way home, enjoying the fireworks from along the high platform.
• Rasputin, running out of an alley, runs into Valken. Rasputin recognizes the man, but right then, the building behind explodes. Rasputin pushes Valken out of the way, but he is wounded badly.
• Not to the hospital, but to Rasputin’s “doctor’s office”, Valken aids in curing the wound, as per Rasputin’s instructions. Tired, he dozes on the sofa.
• In the morning, on the news, is the explosion. Rasputin delivers the news that he is the culprit.

Novels Not Sold On The Shelves
• Secluded Pawnshop. Baron Von Wildernacht, Uncle Sancer, and Magnolia – Baron reminisces about seeking a new inspiration for his masterpiece.
• After Baron leaves, Sancer teases Magnolia about him. Also notes Valken’s recent visit, and how he was fond of the man.
• Two tickets to the evening’s concert from Baron Von Wildernacht.
• Ilyana, moved by the Doors, calls the Baron. They talk about Club Central, and other light subjects. The conversation gives hints of their past and present relationship.

Weird Ways To Wealth
• Rasputin has abducted Valken, and has him pinned down until he “cleans up” and leaves. He drops a hint about Valken’s “secret family business”, and tells him to go check it up if he doesnt believe.
• After he is freed, Valken does; and discovers the Meat Factory.

Flowers In the Wind
• Mezzanine Auditorium. Evening. The Concert.
• After the concert, Magnolia expects Baron, her confidante (and secret love) on the terrace, but witnesses a surprise encounter between Baron, and Ilyana. Realizing that he still loves her, Magnolia leaves brokenhearted.
• The flowers she leaves behind – A rose in the wind slashes across Baron’s face.

Roast Meat
• Valken’s father inquires sarcastically into his visit to the factory. Meat for dinner, but can Valken eat it after what he saw that day?


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