Chapter 3: A Zoo For Men And Beasts

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Chapter 3: A Zoo For Men And Beasts Empty Chapter 3: A Zoo For Men And Beasts

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Of Liches And Men
A virtual meeting amongst Liches.
Valken speaks to Torvolt about the Zoo Project. His thoughts on Magnolia... and the pink phones do their magic. A meeting arranged!

Phantom At The Opera
Ilyana practices. Rasputin is there. Presenting her a drugged rose, he abducts the diva.

Lower City, Upper City
Valken, and Magnolia stroll through the Lower City. (Some parts to be revised as Valken has changed completely)
Ilyana gains consciousness in an ornate kitchen set on a four-piece balloon atop the Upper City. Wary at first, Rasputin breaks her ice, and they chat.
On their way back, Valken and Magnolia encounter the Witch Of Trash.
Dropping Magnolia at the shop, Valken receives an ancient biology book from her.


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