Chapter 4: Blacks

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Chapter 4: Blacks Empty Chapter 4: Blacks

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Things in the Shadows
Introduce: Cray Clairborne.
Rasputin is accepted into Geneticosmetics with false papers.
Meanwhile, a robbery scene on TV makes them eerily aware of the Blacks watching them.
Our heroes work their own ways in threes and ones, to Club Central, seeking a clue as to what these Blacks are, and are confronted my the Kid Legionaires.
Not trusting our heroes, The Legionaires still lend their aid: A Purification Ritual!

Purification By Dirt
A dream-like journey through the misty Lower City, on the steam-punk junk-trolley of Old Man Junky.
A strange purification ritual, aided by Street Rat of Kid Legionaires, and our heroes are free of their Blacks.


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