Chapter 5: Before The Storm

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Chapter 5: Before The Storm Empty Chapter 5: Before The Storm

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• Ali Bubba and 40 Haramis show – Demolition of the nearby flat frustrates Magnolia.
• Valken speaks with Torvolt about why they will not be using the obviously-misguided information in the biology book (all about show-biz).
• A fashion show. Valken encounters Rasputin again. Oh his way out, Magnolia calls. A meeting for the evening is set.

• Chateau Wildernacht. Baron seeks his inspiration, and finds it in a most enchanted way. All news report his controversial masterpiece about (candidly) liches, portraying them as “eight vices of Tomorrow City”. Trouble is brewing...

Beautiful People
• After the movie, just as conversation is getting awkward, Ilyana calls Valken and Magnolia to the disco. Rasputin is also coming.
• Intimacy brewing in the disco – Interrupted by the entrance of Baron Von Wildernacht. Meets Ilyana in the middle of the stage, and presents her his proposal to sing his masterpiece with him next month. Baffled, Ilyana accepts.


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