Chapter 6: The Wild Night

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Chapter 6: The Wild Night Empty Chapter 6: The Wild Night

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The Greatest Concerto Ever Compiled
• The Private First Hearing at Chateau Wildernacht – almost all protagonists are here. Merry moments.
• Meanwhile, a killer slips in.
• The Concert – At the crescendo, Baron is shot dead.
• Leaving the mourning women behind, Rasputin and Valken charge after the killer. Identifying the disguised woman among the crowds, Rasputin triggers a chase.
• With the aid of his gangster friends, Rasputin leads the chase on wind-sledges through the ventilation shafts, until the killer (a woman he notices he recognizes, Boadicea Whelan), escapes into the Mauseleum Proper, where they may not chase her.

The Locked Room
• The burial ceremony – Valken has an idea: He convinced Dalia of the 0-Rats to hack the City’s announcement system, and broadcasts the Wild Night all over the city.
• Ilyana receives the mansion’s keys from Baron's butler. She discovers the locked room where Baron never visited for ages, in which the antics of their time together are hidden.


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