Chapter 7: Ozi

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Chapter 7: Ozi Empty Chapter 7: Ozi

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A Game Of Cats And Mice
• Ozi stalks Street Rat, and hunts him down.
• Ilyana hears from Mikel Simmons about her inheritance: Chateau Wildernacht.
• Rasputin, in his safehouse, tests his modified AZAP unit, spying on people from afar, thru nanobots he has been planting in their bodies for weeks.

Nobody’s Fight
• Street Rat’s funeral by Kid Legionaires. Later that day, Ilyana Valken and Magnolia converse with Uncle Sancer about the Legionaires and their eternal hunter, a man who dresses as Ozi. Ilyana opens up a little of her past.
• In the evening, Valken finds Rasputin at Club Central. A toast to the dead rat, but: nobody’s fight.
• Valken is restless. He convinces Rasputin to “do something”. Despite their best efforts to keep them out of this, they are joined by the girls.

Courage And Foolhardiness
• With the aid of Rasputin’s gangster friends, our heroes seek the trail of Ozi The Killer.
• On the way, in response to Rasputin’s teasing Valken, Ilyana opens up the rest of her troubled history. As she finishes, Ozi is found.

True Monster
• The violent encounter with Ozi in a factory alley.
• Rasputin, and Magnolia are hurt seriously. Valken is shaken. Ilyana saves the day.
• Liches disturbed.


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