Chapter 8: Changing World

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Chapter 8: Changing World Empty Chapter 8: Changing World

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• Two weeks after Ozi’s death, Rasputin has almost totally recovered. He rests at Chateau Wildernacht. His intimate brushings with Ilyana are always cut short by the lingering presence of the Baron.
• Meanwhile, Valken’s family is behaving strangely. He has the feeling he is being watched.
• Magnolia also recovers under the care of Uncle Sancer. Frequent visits by Valken too.
• Our heroes gather in Chateau Wildernacht and speak of the past two weeks, also Valken’s worries. Rasputin is piqued, but remains silent.

A Cowboy Asked About You
• Rasputin back at his safehouse... uneasy.
• Alterra 1-31 final tests at F7. Valken is also uneasy. Also, some problems in Alterra 1-31, overlooked, bother Valken.
• Club Central. Rasputin reminisces with the gangsters, and learns a spooky virtual cowboy was asking about him.
• A message is delivered to Valken by two anime girls: from that same cowboy. He requests a meeting. Our heroes MUST bring VGs with them.
• Valken gathers everyone at Club Central, and explains the situation.
• At that moment, Kid Legionaires make a dramatic entry, and name our heroes “Honorary Legionaires”, thanking them for taking care of Ozi. The whole bar erupts in congradulations.

Achilles’ Heel
• One of the forsaken places in the city. When VG is on, turns into Achilles’ Heel, the legendary “soft spot” of T.C.’s information network.
• Enter: Mori Ylyich. Introduces himself. Warns about liches, adn that they are being watched: it is serious.
• Our heroes plan to gather that evening at Chateau Wildernacht to plan.

Trap Sprung!
• Before they can gather, the trap is sprung: Valken is arrested by Cray Clairborne; Ilyana is taken into custody by Yahun Kalahante; Magnolia escapes; and wily Rasputin eludes being caught.

Friends, Foes, and Others...
• Magnolia and Rasputin plan rescue at his hideout.
• Asking for the gangsters’ aid, they are turned down (the issue has gotten too big for the gangs), but Angelique, and Monique decide to go against the will of the gangs to help them.
• A daring move, our heroes infiltrate the Mausoleum where their friends are being held, and escape with Yahun Kalahante as hostage, but are eventually cornered by the police. They also lose two of their pink phones.
• Just when all hope is lost, the gangs move in and save them! They randesvous with Frank and the Legionaires, and are escorted to a safe place.


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