Chapter 9: The Two Worlds

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Chapter 9: The Two Worlds Empty Chapter 9: The Two Worlds

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Roots Of The City
• Street riots over Brasil (that had started during the last chapter) escalate, and most of Lower City is put to sleep using gas. In this environment, our heroes follow Frank thru the maze of poverty, and abandonement. Frank details his views and plans as they walk. He also points them to the source of the pink phones, that had started all this, and advices them to seek out the maker: Madame Celeste, below the machine levels.
• Our heroes journey down to the machine levels. During their journeys, they develop their intimacies... but Ilyana seems to be carrying a burden on her soul. What can it be...?
• Eventually, they reach Celeste’s Witch Hut.

Witches, Fortunes, And Prophecies
• Madame Celeste gives our heroes as much information as she can, but she is not the maker. She points to a man named Morpheus, on the other side of the machine levels.
• Celeste, and her weird sister give our heroes strange counsel. Also, Ilyana receives a prophecy and a boon.

Just Us Here... Nothing More
• Passing thru the machine levels, our heroes are lost inside the Machine That Dreams, and are beset by gremlins.
• Eventually, they slay the machine, and make their way to the other side.

Motel Kansas
• They are greeted by The Clown, who leads them to Morpheus. Benedict Aubrecher, Baron’s dwarf servant is also here, on his way “back” to the Eternal Twilight.
• Morpheus is the maker of the phones, but the phones our heroes bring with themselves are not of his making. He gives them a new set, and keeps the previous ones, to examine them.
• Morpheus offers good hospitality, but advices against going further. Our heroes interest is piqued, but they hesitate. Eventually, they decide to brave what everyone calls Eternal Twilight, in search for an answer to this mystery.
• Among all this, the love between Magnolia and Valken finally blossoms.
• Benedict Aubrecher agrees to be their guide.


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