Chapter 10: Eternal Twilight

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Chapter 10: Eternal Twilight Empty Chapter 10: Eternal Twilight

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• Our heroes are lost... in mind and body, as they enter the Eternal Twilight.
• After an ordeal of visionquests, Ilyana’s song brings them back to their senses, and they gather at the Jade Palace at the center of the realm. Ilyana’s song (The Wild Night) also wakes the realm, as prophecied.

Natives Of The Inverted World
• They gather at the Jade Palace, strange envoys of fairytale folk, to welcome them. Our heroes are baffled by this sudden onslaught by fantasy creatures. They seek an explanation, but find none...

Oracle of The Sunken City
• ... until they meet Kelif, the Dreamer in Dream. He offers some sort of explanation as to what these things are, and what this place is. As it turns out, this is the lecagy of a toymaker, and the dreamlike beings, constructs. But they think and feel... so are the not beings on par with humans?
• Kelif also reveals himself as the one who sent them the phones. He explains: he wants their cooperation in destroying T.C.! He gives them 40 days to think about it.


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