Global Giant Corpotarions, and their agendas...

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Global Giant Corpotarions, and their agendas... Empty Global Giant Corpotarions, and their agendas...

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I-Media (News Network, Tomorrow City)
Informatics (Communication Tech, T.C.)
Noah Holding (Space Research, Space-based industries such as moon, and asteroid mining, T.C.)
DEM-Ex (Owner of Deus-Ex Machina, is also espionage company behind the scenes, T.C.)
Ares Defense Technologies (T.C.)
Barracuda Synthetics (Synthetic industrial products, and food industry, T.C.)
General Aeronautics (T.C.)
F7 Tech (Computer Technologies, T.C.)
Alternative Energy (ACP-1)
Al Amarna Defense Corporation (Libia)
Iris (Medical nanotechnology, Thailand)
Korazon (Drugs, Brasil)
New Granada (Food Industry, Columbia)
Horizon Industdies (Nuclear Energy, America West)
SDT (Strategic Data Technologies, Information Technologies, America West)
Mass Transit (Transportation, America East)
Virginia Balistics (Personal Arms, America East)
HO/DH (Software, Mauritania)
El Golea (Heavy Machine Industries, Heavy War Armaments, Algeria)
Wu-Fu (Means: Fast-wear, Disposable Clothing, China)
McKuzko (Fast food, Peru)
Red Bluff (Fast Food, America West)
Baracuda (Fast Food, T.C.)
Karpia Fried Chicken (Fast Food, Turkey)
Boom Boom Vacations (Entertainment, T.C.)


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