Chapter 12: Dream’s End

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Chapter 12: Dream’s End Empty Chapter 12: Dream’s End

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Final Night
• Jade Palace. Magnolia, and Valken return from their journeys (rather loudly). Fine reminiscences, and merrymaking.
• Amongst all this, Ilyana receives a secret message that brings great gloom on her. At this point, she alone realizes that al is about to come to an end.

The Greatest Decision
• Ilyana makes up her mind. Warning her companions as best as she can, she leaves them to honor her promise to Yahun Kalahante before. A new life awaits her now: Life, as a lich.

The Invasion
• Our companions learn of her betrayal too late. By the time they do, undead troopers of the House Of Normals have invaded the realm.
• Our heroes intend to escape to the Sunken City, where they will seek counsel of Kelif.
• Escape. But on their way out, they are beset by a Vovin. The dragon has come! The prophecy that the Sorceror had warned about has come true. In desperation, Heimdall halts the dragon, at the cost of his life, as our heroes make their escape into the mists.

Farewell To Hope
• From atop the cliffs, Ilyana watches her companions depart. She turns to follow Yahun, heavy-hearted, but resolute. Benedict Aubrecher has not abandoned her, and follows her to her new life.


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