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Chapter Outlines (unsorted) Empty Chapter Outlines (unsorted)

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o How did Yahun Kalahante survive the gangsters in the last season?
o A nano-factory producing dragons into the Eternal Twilight. With the strength of the natives on their side, our heroes strike it, but Rasputin salvages the core of the factory. He has other plans for it. He brings the core to the toymaker’s workshop, and begins working on it.
o In the Eternal Twilight, by the River Styx, Rasputin encounters Philip Delacroix. The dead man slashes open his arm, and lets his black blood trickle into a bottle. Rasputin will later synthesize the toxin out of the blood. An extremely lethal coctail.
o Rasputin, in a Vovin, dogfights with another Vovin (driven by Yahun?), through T.C. Very dynamic combat scenes here.
o Undercover, riding the worst bus on the planet – looks as if it has been chewed upon by rats, seats too tightly packed, crawls along painfully.
o The city grows louder to mask a hidden voice that is there when it cant be heard. You hear it only when it is dead silent, in its absence. The silence of early moming is vibrant with the non-existence, the shy hiding of the voice, the lack of which is its own proof. it hides in you.
o Alterra 1-31 launches, runs smoothly for some time. Then things start going wrong. What is happening?
o Magnolia spies Valken play the sax. When Valken notices her, he says he is not as good ad the Baron, he knows... But Magnolia says otherwise. Why does Valken not play anymore?
o Morpheus hands Dorothy’s red shoes to Magnolia, as a lucky charm.
o Monique hangs oh her sisters hands in the air. Strength fails Angelique, and Monique falls to her death, all the time looking into her sisters eyes. Angelique loses it... she will never be herself again.
o Mori Ylyich: Knowledge is power. But only if one can use it. If one lacks the means to utilize knowledge (such as a physical manifestation), then knowledge is usually not power, it is a burden. For that reason alone, I need you. I will give you all the information you need, so long as we work together, and it is to my benefit. What do I want? I have a score to settle with the Lich. Interested? (In fact he is part of the liches’ plan...?)


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