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Chapter Outlines (unsorted) Empty Chapter Outlines (unsorted)

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o The city rises. Exodus to paradise has begun.
o The orbital platform that is Global CCS is exploding. Valken, Magnolia, and Rasputin run. Ilyana is trapped inside. She is about to pay the price of her betrayals with her life. Yahun is with her. Rasputin urges valken, and Magnolia go: he will get Ilyana and meet them outside. They are not convinced, but Rasputin forces them out. Yahun intercepts him. They duel on the bridge using sword canes, as the base goes on disintegrating around them. Finally, Rasputin slays Yahun, whose body falls into the flames. Rasputin reaches Ilyana, but it is too late. They embrace, forgiving each other... and as the base collapses around them, they profess their love one last time. Outside, Valken punches the glass screen of the escape pod Magnolia is crying on his chest.
o (Epilogue) The pod drifts, and it is getting colder. It doesn’t look like help is arriving, and all seems to be over for Magnolia and Valken. But Magnolia has her red shoes from Motel Kansas... will it work, if she wishes strongly enough, that they may just vanish away like Dorothy in The Land Of Oz...?


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